little norway a subdivision of the melby ranch estates
gorgeous lakefront view of the sanchez reservoir on the wild horse mesa
beautiful lakefront view of the sanchez reservoir on the wild horse mesa

Little Norway Subdivision

A Subdivision of Melby Ranch Estates

Little Norway is a developing Colorado mountain subdivision located in Melby Ranch in Southern Colorado. Our pristine properties are located on Wild Horse Mesa overlooking the beauty of Sanchez Reservoir and the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range.

Little Norway is a remarkable escape from the hectic pace of today’s life to the glorious peace and quiet of the Rocky Mountains. Sit back… relax… and enjoy!

Facts about Little Norway

Little Norway is located approximately 15 miles outside of San Luis, Colorado in the Melby Ranch development. There are 38 properties in Phase I, 25 properties in Phase II, 31 properties in Phase III, and 43 properties in Phase IV of the subdivision. Little Norway properties range in size from 1 ½ to 9 ½ acres, with the majority in the 2-3 acre range. All properties in the subdivision have on-site access to water and electric. Our properties overlook Sanchez Reservoir – one of the oldest manmade reservoirs in Colorado. The gates that control water flow under the dam were replaced in the fall of 2014 as a part of a $2.0 million renovation project that included toppling the old gate tower originally built in 1910. The elevation of Little Norway is approximately 8,400 feet above sea level. The subdivision is a part of Wild Horse Mesa. Several bands of wild horses live in the area. The area sits at the eastern edge of the San Luis Valley. This entire valley, from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the east to the San Juans in the west – in total, about the size of the state of Connecticut – is the largest alpine valley in the world. The small town of San Luis is almost a 30-minute drive from the subdivision and has a small grocery store and a Family Dollar.  For more significant purchases, the closest towns are Alamosa, CO to the northwest; or Taos, NM to the south. Both are slightly more than an hour drive. 

little norway beautiful view of the sanchez reservoir and the sangre de cristo mountains

A must see is Great Sand Dunes National Park which is a little more than an hour drive from Little Norway. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains sit directly to the east of Little Norway on the other side of the reservoir. An amazing phenomenon with the Sangre de Cristo range is that you can watch the sun set in the east, and Little Norway features a perfect view! The mountains turn red at sunset with the glow from the setting sun – hence the name in Spanish meaning Blood of Christ – which is most spectacular when the mountains are covered with snow. The climate is that of a high desert, with light precipitation and more than 300 days of sunshine a year. The weather is marked by moderate summers and cold winters.


The Rio Grande River flows south through the valley to Mexico.  The elevation of San Luis is 7,980 feet.  Wild Horse Mesa ranges from about 7,900 feet to 8,800 feet, with a few peaks at 9,200 feet.  Snow-capped Mount Blanca Peak towers at 14,345 feet to the north, and Culebra Peak rises to 14,047 feet to the east on Cielo Vista Ranch.

To get a more in-depth look at the properties, we’ve included a parcel map on our site that can help you out. This helpful tool will help you see the properties, whether they are owned or available, which subdivision they belong to, their proximity to the reservoir, and more!